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Winacro Inc. A Briefing

Winacro Inc, is linked with Developing Innovative electronic items that cater's to automating useful appliances that we use in day to day living such as remote lighting systems and other custom requirement based products.The current global environment is increasingly becoming automated with Microprocessors and Microcontroller's included in almost each and every gadget we use either directly or indirectly which extends involvement in terms or end consumer usage and development and I tend to involve in such Environment as a Developer of intelligent systems.


In a nutshell the Owner love's to make Interactive Environment.

Not only i;m confined to building interactive stuff but im also active in manufacturing Electronic parts for Automobiles for more information visit the Product's page.

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Below there are some of my projects which give a example as to what sort of stuff is taken by me and developed.

Have a Look on my recent Developments:

Android Controlled Home Appliances:

You can BUY it(or get more know/how) here >> BLUSWITCH

Internet controlled 100Watt AC bulb:

PID motor Control:


PCB's "I" Make:






  • Bike Speedo
  • iRobot
  • Future Poject's
  • Project's I'm Onto
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